August 2, 2011

.3 Years.

On our third anniversary, I wanted to reminisce about the day G asked me to marry him...

December 8, 2007 will always be one of the most special days I hold, not only because it was the catalyst to the lovely life we now share, but because the devotion I felt from G that day was deep and true.  G carefully and thoughtfully planned out this perfect day for me, included my loved ones, and the romantic gesture was unlike anything I could have pictured for myself.  Any proposal from him would have been wonderful, but at the end of the evening I was most happy that I was marrying my best friend... and that I knew without an inkling of doubt that he knew and understood me.  It was evident from the entire proposal that G knew what would make me feel cherished, and three years later he continues to display these acts of love.

So G... thank you for making the decision, asking for my dad's blessing (that certainly wasn't easy),  scheming with my friends and family, taking me to breakfast when I was being such a brat that day, forcing me to walk to the beautiful courtyard, and getting down on one knee with the ring I will wear the rest of my life.  Thank you for taking me to the most grown-up dinner and having my outfit ready so I wouldn't have to be the least bit stressed.  Thank you for the words you said to me that day that I will always keep and remember when times get tough.  Thank you for being on my team.

Happy wedding anniversary to us.

* Best method of mass news notification via 2007.  It makes me laugh to think how excited I was to get to press that "confirm" button, because then it was official.


Jorja said...

Congratulations on three years!! I remember your wedding like it was yesterday.

sarah - dodeline design said...

Oh how sweet! What a landmark - congratulations!

Anna said...

Happy anniversary!!! LOVE these photos, so sweet.