August 3, 2011


We tried to celebrate our anniversary this weekend with bebe in Atlanta.  Dylan was wonderful, but it was a surprise to us how not baby-friendly many places were.  It was a learning experience on the new things we have to be aware of as parents that never once crossed our minds: where are the ramps for the stroller?  There are still restaurants that allow smoking inside? Given the location, bring the stroller or front carrier? What to do if a place has no available changing table in the restroom?  We made the best of it, had a good time, and rewarded ourselves with new mugs I had my eye on for quite some time, but decided we deserved an anniversary trip do-over.

On our actual anniversary we went out for sushi and had treats waiting at home for us.  I enjoyed commemorating three years having dessert & French soda and watching a documentary curled up together.  How far we've come since we were seventeen.


sarah - dodeline design said...

I didn't realize you guys had been together so long! Robert and I have been together since we were freshmen in high school. It's an incredible blessing to have that kind of history with someone!

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