May 9, 2011

.Mad for May.

The month of May brings me a sense of relief.  Mostly because it's always associated with the end of a school year and being that I just ended my twentieth school year in a row, I'm quite conditioned to the timing of this sense of calm.  I also appreciate May for the lovely inspiration that this sunny month brings.  For this May, I'm simply mad for beautiful stationary, stylish coffee mugs, ice blue nail polish shades, cute picnic baskets, phone calls from dear grandparents, fresh flowers, french bread and strawberries, monogramming, J. Crew accessories, highlighting special passages in my warm weather readings, clothing that looks like art, and ballerina buns.

What is striking your eye this month?

1. Picture
2. Source Unknown
3-7. JCrew
8. Essie's Sweet Talker
9. Monogramming
10,11. Ballerina Buns  1/2/
12. Picnic Baskets 1/2
13. Stationary 1 /2/3/


wishful nals said...

love this list. i love may for the long hours of sunshine, the flowers blooming, and barbecues. it is the best time. xo

ChiccaStyle said...

Great selection!!!love this post!

Anonymous said...

i did a ballerina bun yesterday and loved it! great for hot summer days!

Rebekka Seale said...

all of that is striking my eyes!!!

Michaela said...

Beautiful list! Those mugs are darling