May 2, 2011

.33 1/2.

This weekend could not have been more beautiful so we made sure to get out and enjoy the sun as much as possible.  I cannot say thank you enough for all the kind and encouraging words following this post.  It's always a risk opening up on thinking that is not so light and fun, but as extraordinary as this process is... and trust me, it is... it becomes more complicated than the remarkable physical changes occurring over 40 weeks. 

Only one Adlerian final and a project are in the way of my semester's end!  However my downtime to-do list is just as long during this brief respite; funny how adult life works.  Either way, here's to a merry May Monday on this crazy news day.


Ashley Druica said...

You look great! I love that dress on you. I hope the maternity shoot went well. Thinking of you as always!

Nicole Marie said...

aww sweet baby bump!