May 11, 2011


“What I need is the dandelion in the spring.”

You ever just wake up in one of those moods? You have no real reason to feel so ugly inside, so bitter, but you do. The smallest thing will trigger you in the day’s early hours, waiting for this unprovoked beast to come out. Today started as one of those days. Everything was getting under my skin. It’s probably because of my hormones. It’s probably because I haven’t been resting well. It’s probably because I’m exhausted at every moment of having 398 thoughts and to-do tasks running through my head.

So I attempted to fight it all day. I hate contributing to the negativity; we’re saturated with it everywhere we go. Just go to Facebook, I mean that place reeks of people’s annoyances, sadness, anger, and complaints.

So how do I fight days like this? I simplify, because it’s the complicated that’s truly getting me down. I take refuge in a prayer for encouragement, in my cup of coffee, in my pups sleeping at my feet, in my bright yellow sunglasses that I purchased in the child’s section of Target because they were that cool, in my packed lunch of French bread, cheese, strawberries and iced water, in my colorful summer scarf that adds energy to my outfit, in baby’s movements that are now so strong they take my breath away, in listening to my favorite morning radio show, and in flirtatious texts from a certain handsome guy.

It’s the simple that makes life remarkable.

So today... I choose the sweet dandelion over any sourness.

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