May 20, 2011

.Dear Lovely Husband.

I am loving this quality time we've been spending together recently.  School obviously gets in the way of everything.  Our dance parties and sing-a-thongs are amazing, even though I'm limited in my moves right now.  Beating you at chess is always awesome too.  Earlier in the week you asked alot of questions during the scary movie, but that's okay.  You also had me waiting a really long time for pizza since you forgot your wallet, but I was appreciative anyway.  If you want to keep surprising me with chores done and dinners made I'm also alright with that.  Thank you for trying to be understanding these past few weeks during my, ahem... moods.  Normal me will hopefully return back soon.  Well let's be honest... as "normal" as is possible for me.

You're my best friend... and not too shabby on the eyes either.
Can't wait to continue the fun with you this weekend!

* Pictures taken by my mom holiday season 2 years ago.


Tucker said...

what a sweet letter!

yes best friends as husbands... best thing ever.

sarah - dodeline design said...

You guys are adorable!

ChiccaStyle said...

WOW, this post is full of love!!!You guys are so adorable!