August 19, 2011

.Four Shots.

Yesterday baby girl had to have her two months check up which included four shots and a prick in her tiny toe.  Dylan's tears made me feel like I wanted to cry, but I was so proud of her for getting over the trauma quick enough to fall asleep in her carseat by the time we made it outside the pediatrician's office.  I always feel silly asking a million questions at our appointments, but unfortunately baby girl has been blessed with a neurotic mother.  This week was a rough adjustment now that I'm back at work and school, so I intend to soak up any free time I have and take it all week by week to avoid any breakdowns.  Taking care of myself, Dylan, and G's heart can be exhausting... but it also brings such joy.

My, how the weekends are always so welcome.


Sarah said...

I can only imagine!

Lizzie Ticona said...

Love your posts Jessica, even though we are far away i'm glad to hear about you and your precious little girl....congrats!