August 10, 2011


This weekend we had the last of our welcome-Dylan-into-the-world family visits.  Hosting usually stresses me out, but everyone was content just relaxing in between planning our meals and eat we did.  Whether it was Italian, Mexican, or Ranger burgers... we ate and we laughed... alot.  My little sister Katheryn is at such an interesting stage at two and a half where she soaks up her entire environment and learns something new in everything she hears and sees.  Funny that I aim to do that everyday at the age of twenty five

This weekend G and I also dedicated Dylan at church.  It was a beautiful moment officiated by the pastor who married us three years ago and surrounded by family.  Another favorite memory of my family's trip was a particular gift.  My aunt presented us a cd for Dylan filled with some favorite songs from Disney classics and a special track at the end: Over the Rainbow sung by my sweet cousin Araceli.  Dylan and I have now started a new practice after I pick her up from her Gigi and Poppy's; we sit together, listen to her present, and just play together after a long day of working as we wait for G to get home.  It's pretty much perfect.


Nicole Marie said...

so fun! family time is the best. and i'm glad you didnt get stressed out :)

sarah - dodeline design said...

congrats on the dedication! So sweet!