June 9, 2011

.A Selfish Prayer.

Dear Lord,

Please make our baby girl be as lovable, tender, smart, fascinating, independent, funny, beautiful, and curious as my little sister.  She's a perfect joy, tantrums and all, and every time I'm with her I learn something new about myself.  I know it's a selfish request, but she's just melted our hearts and I'm pretty sure if you make them any way alike, we might die of pride.  Oh yea, and if it's not too much trouble could you throw in artistic ability, drive, talent, style, heart, and depth like my not-so-little-anymore brother?  He's had such an influence into the person I've grown to be. 

Okay- that could probably round us out perfectly.

Self-seekingly yours,

P.S. I know G wouldn't mind.  He's just as smitten.

* Photos taken our last trip to DC

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Eunice said...

Love today's post . . . Katryn is so adorable and just another blessing to our whole family . . . Can't wait to see/meet Dylan!