September 5, 2010

.Sunshine of My Life.

For Labor Day weekend, G and I drove to Tennessee to attend my cousin Milo and his new bride Marinna's wedding.  It was an outdoor affair at Black Fox Farms in Cleveland and to say it was beautiful would be an understatement.  It was romantic, it was creative, it was spiritual, and the weather was the most perfect it has been all year.   

The band, The Boutonnieres, set the mood of the wedding with music ranging from old hymns to Coldplay and Stevie Wonder.  The ceremony was so full of emotion and love that by the time Marinna and her father walked down the aisle the officiant had to ask us all to suck it up and stop crying or he would not be able to get through the vows.  Particular touching moments were also when Milo laid down a flower on the seat reserved for his late mother and Marinna wore pieces of my aunt Lorraine's jewelry for their special day in loving memory.

Other things that stood out on this incredible day:

. being early to a 10 am wedding when we're always late to everything else.

. the bridesmaid's dresses from Etsy that you would actually wear again.

. even my dad being able to let loose for awhile and dance to the 80's music at the reception.

. forgetting our wedding present at the hotel and G going all the way back during the reception and getting it just because he wasn't okay with mailing it to them.

. the "guestbook" that consisted of each family writing a special message on a chalkboard and getting their picture taken.

. my brother's stylish wedding blazer.

. the photographer going guerilla style and climbing onto a roof to get a picture of the entire wedding audience cheering with the bride and groom.

. G getting all romantic at the wedding and making me feel normal for being so nostalgic and emotional.

. their getaway car.

. the amount of envy I felt when I found out they are leaving for Hawaii when I'll be preparing to resume school and work.


Julie said...

What an amazing entry! It makes you feel like you were there. Such amazing emotion. Loved it!

A "cheery" disposition said...

what a beautiful wedding and that car.. wow, there are no words.