September 13, 2010


This weekend was full of Relaxation, an abundance of Sleep, and Gluttony. 

RSG included:
.stress-free cookouts at someone else's house

.Emily's blatant and hostile attempt to make me gain weight through brownies with chunks of goodies inside

.Pictures to catch funny faces we unknowingly make during dinner conversation

.Watching college football games and catching up on our shows

.G's homemade nachos

. An after-church feast at the inlaws consisting of breaded cube steak, biscuits, creamed-style corn, mac 'n'cheese, rice, and fresh sweet tea

One thing I didn't appreciate this weekend?

Pretty much breaking my pinky toe while taking the three (yes I said three) dogs out way early Sunday morning because they were ready to go out and play before G and I were ready to get up... and of course that meant that I was half asleep and they took advantage of my vulnerability and trampled me.  Then G wanted to act like pinky toe casts didn't exist when I insisted that it needed medical attention.  They planned it all, I swear. 

Uh huh, look at that guilty face

Flats for the week I suppose.

1 comment:

BEGunnels said...

bahaha! I just read this blog and saw you comment on my blatant and hostile attempt at making you gain weight... you caught me! :)

just wait till you're preggo-- there will be a whole new level of chub- inducing things i swing your way!