September 22, 2010


People can be so frustrating sometimes. 

You get in an argument with your significant other,
People at work seem to do everything to make the day more difficult,
You feel undervalued and overworked by your boss,
People around you complain incessantly about the most trivial things,
Someone cuts you off in traffic,
A stranger is rude to you for no reason,
and now your friend just canceled plans last minute.

At times when I feel that everyone around me must be in on the joke that I'm not a part of (you know... when you ask yourself, "Is this real life?"), I think back to a passage in a book by Albert Bernstein that I read for work...

"The truth about the human condition- you can never know what is really going on, because there is no such thing as an objective source. People will see the same events differently, according to their own needs."
Then I feel better.

I'm reminded that people do not choose their behaviors solely on how it will affect me.  We are all just living this life as best we can, and sometimes... we just get in each others' way a little.

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