September 30, 2010

.Football Foodie.

When school started I knew my newfound appreciation for trying out new recipes, or for cooking at all would be on hiatus [who would have the desire or energy when getting home from class around nine at the earliest to still have homework??].

Because we were having guests over for the football game this weekend, I spontaneously decided to make the effort to mark another recipe to-do off my list.  For some reason, I don't like getting recipes from cookbooks and such.  Cookbooks make me feel overwhelmed, while I feel much more comfortable borrowing them from fellow bloggers where I can see an actual mortal found success in their attempts.  I wrote about how much G loves brownies here so when I saw this recipe on Everyday Musings [among many brownie recipes I look forward to tackling soon], I had to try for him.

These Cheesecake-Marbled Brownies required common baking ingredients so I was relieved I didn't have to track down some foreign product, cooking utensil or research a fancy technique.  I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly a dessert from scratch went, but when taste-tested, the consensus was just a little more sweet added in next time.  Of course, I'm sure the dogs thought it tasted just fine when they devoured several of the brownies themselves... but that story is for a different day.  No worries, most likely due to the very little chocolate the recipe actually called for, all pups are safe to cause mischief another day.


Kinsey Michaels said...

Those look delicious Jessica! A fun twist on brownies! I wish I knew how to cook/bake better.

BardotBlue said...

hello domestic goddess! I am dying to eat one of these YUM

xoxo BB