September 28, 2010

.Nachos, Wings, Fries and Sweets.

I love college football season.  Not because I am a diehard sports fan, but mostly because it's a reason for friends to get together and eat every game day.  I consistently embarrass and frustrate my friend Virginia with the lack of Auburn football knowledge I possess, even after attending Auburn for years now.  I know the basics, I just tend to get distracted easily... plus isn't that what the ability to pause and rewind live tv is for? 

I also had a lovely dinner Friday with my friend Ashley who was vital in the planning of my Stepford Wife birthday this year.  You know you're having good dinner conversation when your husband politely calls and asks when to expect you home for the evening and you suddenly realize you've been sitting and talking at the same restaurant for four hours

Add some luck with a few pieces of home decor that we found after searching for ages, and what a productively fun weekend this was.


Minus the hours of homework fit in between, we can't ever forget the homework.

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Celeste said...

I love it when time flies by like that. That's when you know you're with your dearest friends :)