December 29, 2010

.Christmas Eve Eve & Christmas Eve.

Full of strategic packing and traveling that could not have gone more smoothly or been more stress-free {G and I work famously as traveling companions}.

Full of very unlikeable DC traffic.

Full of my sweet baby-turned-sassy pants Katheryn well into her terrible two's whose favorite words are "no," "mine," and "no mas" and her new move that consists of dramatically throwing herself onto the ground face-first to make a display of her current displeasure.

Full of hilarious family dinner conversation and old baby pictures.

Full of food, food, and more food shared all around.

Full of winter winds and the hope of a white Christmas.

Full of my hilarious grandparents and my Papi continuing to insist that we see his "new" release movies like Baby's Day Out and A Christmas Carol.


We were so lucky to start our holidays full.

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