December 8, 2010


Although I'm still under the weather, I've thoroughly enjoyed my break from school thus far.  This hiatus from school is much needed, as my brain was slowly turning to mulch between assessment reports, counseling papers, and statistics.  At one point in the last weeks of class, I sat with Virginia working on an assignment and actually had to ask her, "How do you make an L?"  This is not an exaggeration.  Several assignments later on a rainy long night, Virginia proceeded to get frustrated at not being able to distinguish the difference between a 2 and a 5. 

We made it though, through our first semester of doctoral school in one piece and partially sane.  Although school is in the back of my mind until January, I'm trying to remain productive with watching several movies I've missed the past months and finishing the last of my Christmas shopping.  Thank God for online shopping... it's much too cold to scurry from store to store.

Celebrating at our Counseling Christmas party Friday night.  Those are faces of utter exhaustion and pure joy.

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