December 31, 2010

.National Christmas Tree & the Pathway of Peace.

On Christmas Day before family celebration number two with the extended family, we drove into DC to see the National Christmas Tree and the Pathway of Peace.  On the way we also stopped at the Jefferson Memorial.  It broke my heart a little that we didn't have a white Christmas, especially when for once in about 30 years it actually snowed here on Christmas day.  Later we were grateful though, because we weren't stranded like many others on the east coast.  Snow or not, it was all frigid and lovely {what's not to love about being surrounded by over 50 Christmas trees and family?}. 


* Also, the charming yellow tote I'm carrying was a Christmas present from G that I spotted at a giveaway here, and had to put on my list to Santa because of its functionality.  I highly suggest it to other ladies on the go who live by their camera.

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