December 6, 2010

.System Shutdown.

I attribute the stress of finals week, as well as my recent interaction with one sick person too many, to my immune system finally shutting down Friday night as I was at a Christmas party.  Like, I literally felt the sickness come on and then there I was, laid up at home all weekend with the sniffles, raw, scratchy throat, fever and chills.  I am a ridiculous baby when it comes to chills... I just stop functioning.  The only productive things I did accomplish was decorate for Christmas (with some sweet jams), watch several movies, and start a new book.  Surprisingly, I was perfectly content... minus the chills.

* No we do not have a real tree.  I learned from experience that a real tree is not for me and my house.  The perfect solution for us?  An artificial tree with a pine-scented candle nearby.  All the experience with none of the hassle.

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