December 27, 2010

.Puppy Play Time.

On our lovely trip we were still missing Paisley, Margot, and Tenley.  Paisley Cruz: our stubborn beagle... our big fat fatty firstborn boy.  Margot Paloma: our genius mutt who is the mischevious middle child.  Tenneson Plum: our loving mini RatPin, teeny tiny Tenley.  The spoiled loves of our lives.  They know it too.  Our great destroyers.  Our usual fellow travelers (those blasted prices for transporting pets via air!).  Our proof of blatant lack of self-control when it comes to the humane society.  We now avoid all sources of future pups like the plague, but they make life so interesting and fulfilling.  Even when they chew things that make me want to cry or for no apparent reason decide they all need to go out at 4 am.

Enjoyed the break, but can't wait to pick you up today!

1 comment:

Nicole Jeannette said...

I understand! If I could afford/was allowed to have a dog where I live I would probably have three too! haha