August 16, 2011

.The Last of the Day's Sunshine.

I love eating outside.  Many times I wish we lived in a big city just to have the option to do it more often. Unfortunately where we live, eating outdoors is only pleasant a very short time of the year due to the excessive heat and humidity.  As this season slowly winds down though, the summer evenings are becoming more and more pleasant.  Last week we had dinner at our friend Kyle's, where we snuck Emily's amazing cookies while the food was cooking and listened to music outside.  While we all couldn't agree on what defined "good music" {there are people who don't like Mumford & Sons??}, it was a nice summer night nonetheless.

A midweek dinner with friends is a perfect way to break up a hectic and stressful week.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

I could have used that last night :-)
I'm glad you had a fun night!