August 23, 2011

.Some Great (Weekend) Moments.

Sometimes you're aware when your great moments are happening...

.James Salter.

Speaking in the most sing-song voice and doing something ridiculous just to make baby girl laugh.  Being giddy that you actually caught it on your {i-phone} camera.  Taking a nap although you hate them just because the cuddling is worth it.  Eating pie until your stomach hurts.  Giving a name to something because you know it's going to be in your life for awhile.  Gagging and crying- laughing at a warm surprise from baby that takes two people to clean up.  A late afternoon walk that leaves you red, but satisfied.  Eating popsicles in bed while watching a great movie. Talking with the glow of tiki torches on your skin.  Finding inspiration together.  Whispers when the lights are out and everyone is asleep.  Waking up exhausted, squinting with one tired eye at your husband, and smiling because even still the late night was worth it. 

Important moments they were.


sarah - dodeline design said...

That first picture just melts my heart! she looks ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Anna said...

She is so so adorable... her little smile!

I love great little moments. That's a great quote too!