November 7, 2011

.Dear Dylan (3).

Dear Dylan,

You're growing so fast right in front of our eyes.  Our days are filling with the stories you babble, your hair that stays messy no matter how many times I brush it, your ability to make anyone melt with your smile, watching you try to put everything and anything in your mouth, your baby singing in the car, your laugh when we tickle you and every time we sing to you, your heartwarmingly huge smile every morning when I grab you from your bed, watching you roll over, seeing you learn and find how things work, cracking up as you try to figure out what the dogs exactly are, smiling as you make friends at church and try to talk back to the pastor, and holding you tight as you fall asleep on our chests and snuggle in the nook of our necks.  We don't care if you're supposed to learn how to sleep independently, because there will be a day when you no longer want us to rock you to sleep.  I think I take at least one picture of you every single day because I'm so afraid that I'll miss something or you'll change too fast.  You only know how to give open-mouth kisses, which are extra slobbery but just as beautiful.  You love to read your little books, but you do try to eat them too.  You want to see everything, and still love being in your front carrier... I think you've been in your stroller maybe five times ever.  Your eyes have changed from dark blue to a more hazelish gray.  Any time your dad enters the room, you twist and turn anyway you can to see him and smile.  You and your dad are my favorite things ever.  I thank God for you both daily and I can't wait to celebrate our first holiday season as a lovely little family.

Love you always,
Your Mama

* Letters one and two


sarah - dodeline design said...

Look at those precious smiles! What a blessing she is!

Jorja said...

She is precious! I love those dimples!