January 11, 2011

.Ice & Luck.

Only in the south does the whole town close down because of a little ice and snow.  An unexpected snow day, while relaxing, would have been much more useful during the semester rather than the first day of classes but I'll take it.  Movies, puppy nap time, and crossing off much on my to-do list while trapped at home wasn't so bad, except poor G still had to go work.  Once he came home though, we were able to curl up under the covers and watch the nerve-racking BCS National Championship.  No big deal, we're only National Champions!!! 

Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day back of classes, but it's already been canceled due to weather.  Guess I'll just have to emotionally prepare for my first day on Wednesday consisting of work and six hours of class... at least I have my new {cool} briefcase to help me cope with the increased stress with resuming my workload.  It's the little things that can keep you positive. 

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