October 10, 2010

.Cupcakes and Baby.

It seems like we've finally settled back into the routine of life that does not involve constant packing. Which is lucky for us since Duke [my car] decided to cost us a pretty penny earlier in the week when he fell under the weather. Although inconvenient, I did enjoy the few days we were a one-car family.  It was so nice to be chauffeured everywhere for a change.

We visited Mary and Justin again Friday night to get a little more Lily time followed by some incredible Chinese take-out. 

For Saturday, I made chocolate cupcakes and we grubbed on pizza while watching Auburn barely [but a win's a win] beat Kentucky with the in-laws.

After church and a southern lunch today, G passed out into a food-induced coma and I was left to try to decipher my statistics take-home quiz.  Funny how four little questions can easily take up the majority of my day.  I'll never understand how we can plead for the weekend's arrival, and then it can be spent on something as dull as schoolwork.

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