October 12, 2010

.The Time Has Come.

As The Buried Life comes back on air, I feel it's only necessary to declare out loud into the universe my current [but I always reserve the right to modify at any time]  list of to-do's before we die (because obviously I would sign G up involuntarily for all these adventures):

.The Tyler To-Do's.

1. Travel to Greece, Hawaii, Brazil, Spain, Alaska, Edinburgh, London, and Paris
{I have already been to the last three locations, but not with G so they only half count}

2. Build our own house
{This must include a circle, princess tower-like room for our future daughter}

3. Be debt free
{Those student loans will get you}

4. Have at least one million dollars set aside for retirement

5. Have a boat and a cabin
{I must always be by a body of water}

6. Spend time living in Nashville, Colorado, or Spain
{Random choices I know, but each speak to us in different ways}

7. Feel like a jetsetter and fly first class

8. Be able to give 10% of my gross income for tithes

9. Front row seats to Michael Buble

10. Go skiing in Colorado

11. Start a blog that has at least 100 followers

12. Have an office with floor-to-ceiling bookcases on every wall

13. Go to Serendipity in NYC

14. Kidnap a knome and take pictures of its adventures

15. Take a dance, cooking, and photography class

16. Crush grapes with my feet

17. Go on a missions trip

Some of these may be seen as supeficial... but life is too serious to always be taken so seriously.  It's okay to have fun every once in awhile.

What is on your bucket list?

1 comment:

BEGunnels said...

when you find the cooking class, I'm in!

I'd join you for the dancing, but I
m pretty horrible.... plus, I took tap, jazz, and ballet as a kid.