March 24, 2011

Favorite Memories of Babymoon {Part 2}

Things to be remembered of the weekend {part two}

. Bike riding around Charleston because our feet couldn't handle another day of walking and confirming my theory that I don't really know how to actually ride a bike.  I did not have luck in that endeavor as a child {as the scar on my  knee can attest to}, so I gave it up in favor of my own dependable feet.  G was ridiculously patient though and by the day's end the only casualties were two walls and a bush.  Success.  Plus, it was actually fun when I wasn't terrified of running into things.

. Gorgeous weather- sunny, warm, breezy and not humid.  So pretty much my paradise.

.Waterfront Park- a perfect place to take a romantic stroll after dinner as the sun was setting

. East Bay St, the French Quarter, Rainbow Row- if architecture and design details are your thing, you could spend hours discovering

. King Street- the Magnificent Mile of shopping.  Charleston Fashion Week was in preparation so stores were a buzz and varied from little boutiques to traditional retail favorites like Urban Outfitters, J. Crew and Forever 21 {who had it's own deejay in-store while you shopped; talk about an experience}

. Local markets and meeting new people- we heard about the Lowcountry Artist Market going on at Music Farm and it was Etsy-like heaven!  We had a great time meeting local vendors who sold original goodies like baby clothes, vintage items, furniture and we scored on lovely stationary from the ever-so sweet Sarah of Dodeline Design.  After, we biked with our new treasures to the bustling Charleston City Market on Market St. to continue the fun.

  1. New little mint earrings from Francesca's. I've been pining for similar earrings from Etsy.
  2. Music Farm and Sarah's booth
  3. Our new Dodeline stationary & hair accessories for baby girl from Liz of Urbane Baby
  4. Resting in parks
  5. Porches
  6. Leaving Charleston City Market
  7. Colorful leaves
  8. How we felt all day exploring
  9. A break in the shade
  10. Picket fence
  11. Secret gardens
  12. Biking past colorful homes
  13. Waterfront Fountain
  14. Spring bloom
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Anonymous said...

L/O/V/E the stationery and accessories!! You look wonderful by the way :) Can't even tell your pregnant in the picture of you (in the denim jacket) and G.