March 16, 2011

.They Deserve Better.

Working in social services has the ability to make you feel so small, and today it made my coworkers and I not only feel insignificant, but also discouraged in the helping system as a whole.  Within my education and training we were strongly encouraged to advocate for those who are not able to for themselves.  Today I was so proud of my colleagues for fighting for the basic human rights of someone being taken advantage of, and unfortunately for the day... the battle was lost. 

We complain about the most trivial, inconsequential things on a daily basis and spread that negativity to others.  Earlier today I was disappointed that due to our strict baby budget, I wouldn't be able to run to the store and buy a few outfits for our trip this weekend.  How incredibly petty of me... and that happens alot.  Although today was heartbreaking, frustrating, and felt hopeless... my only comfort was to know that tomorrow we {along with every other helping professional} will all return to work to continue on.  Trying.  Helping.  Encouraging.  Praying. Fighting.  For them... because they deserve better.

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Anna said...

For it is in giving that we receive :) Dont get burnt out!