March 25, 2011

.Charleston Lunches.

G and I came to Charleston not only wanting to experience the historical aesthetic, but the culture behind this coastal town. We did not want to eat at any chain restaurant that was readily available to us at home, so we relied again on Olivia’s Weekend Guide to Charleston to determine our meal locations. I’ve used many of her personal recipes via her blog, so I trusted her judgment on settings that would fulfill our hunger and atmospheric requests.

Upon arrival into Charleston Friday afternoon, we went to Five Loaves Café. When we walked in the decor was local artists’ paintings and we were seated at a community table, so I knew this was perfectly what we were looking for. Unfortunately, we were so famished that we neglected to take any pictures… but for $10 we were both satisfied and nourished with our sandwiches and the service was impeccable.

Saturday we biked to Fast & French Café {also known as the Gaulart & Maliclet French Cafe} on Broad Street and we were immediately transported into a European café complete with effortlessly chic servers and crammed for your French cuisine-eating pleasure. It was such a tight space you got to know your table neighbors very well including their entire conversations, what they were eating, and who their companions were. We loved it. To top it off there were paper-mâché birds flying on the ceiling and they even had an authentic water closet!

Sunday’s lunch gets its own post, but trust me… it was worth the drive alone.

* Charleston stories one and two.


Liz said...

Charleston is on my list of places that I desperately want to visit! These posts are just making it climb up that list :) Everything looks so fun and beautiful!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love your scarf. also, i am so glad you're obsessed with HIMYM. i just started season 4 yesterday. so far, "woo girls" is my fav. episode of the season....