March 11, 2011

.Happy Nights.

Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days.
.William Shakespeare.

Last Saturday night I had a delightful dinner with my friends Alicia and Mary.  It had been too long since we last caught up and shared our thoughts on life, love, and adult matters. Baby Tyler must have been in a mood though because I wanted the strangest things for dinner!  In my defense, while not particularly nutritious... it all sounded incredibly appetizing... so why not live a little?  I'm not ashamed. 

Now stop judging me. I already couldn't face G with a straight face when I got home.  Go enjoy your weekends!  My spring break has started and while that still consists of work, without class that's half the battle gone.  We have a little adventure planned for next weekend {G's birthday weekend!} so I look forward to using the next few days to catch up on life.

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Emily said...

I love date night with my girls. So fun. :)