March 4, 2011

.Bump It Up.


25 week baby bump.
There's no denying she's a' cooking.
Also, 24 week bump that I totally neglected to post.
Her nursery is full of furniture we have to put together.
The travel system too.
We didn't expect it to all come in so fast.
A reality of parenthood?
Trying to plan ahead seems futile.
We're best with taking it as it comes.
This train is rolling,
and we've hopped onboard with both feet.
Still, joy abounds us.

Oh yea, it's Friday.  I don't know why I always have to write that.  Like you aren't well aware that the weekend has arrived.  A week ago I was in Seattle.  I'll share details of that adventure in the coming days. 

I feel six months pregnant today.

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Rachel Schuman said...

You look great!