March 26, 2011

.Charleston Dinners.

Friday night we were so exhausted from the day's activities that we were craving a casual dinner as we had specific self-indulgent dessert plans in mind. All our Italian recommendations didn’t feel right for our mood and a friend suggested The Noisy Oyster, so we tried the seafood locale off Market Street. It was definitely more tourist-centered, but we had a good view of the town preparing for their evening excursions and it was walking distance to our dessert venue.

Saturday night we had set aside to celebrate G’s birthday and his only request was that we eat at a rooftop restaurant in order to be able to take in the panoramic of the town during table talk. Surprisingly there were a few to choose from, so we settled on the Pavilion Rooftop right off the coast. The sweeping views were romantic, the food was beyond, and the ambiance was laidback, yet decadent. Luckily, the service was also efficient, so we were able to take advantage of the setting sun and have a sweet walk hand-in-hand in Waterfront Park.

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Liz said...

gorgeous! vacation sunsets are my favorite!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

umm you are making pregnancy look GOOD.

Jac said...

you're so cute! love the dress & the hat and of course, dreamy Charleston! I haven't been in years. It's looking extra appealing with this crazy NY weather we've been having lately.

Kelly said...

You look so great! I love the baby bump - so beautiful!