March 8, 2011

.Seattle Sweetness.

Wedding day had finally arrived.  The blushing bride was one of the calmest I've ever seen.  The dashing groom surprised her with Tiffany's.  It was raining and no one cared.  Glitter TOMS for the preparation. The Edgewater overlooking Seattle's waterfront creating a luxurious, enchanting, and intimate setting.  Decadent cupcake confection.  Fairy-like notes coming from the harpist.  Meeting not-so-strangers.  Good wishes and heartfelt sentiments about the bride and groom being spread around.  Hundreds of rose petals for the honeymoon suite.  Crazy cam playfulness.  Fudge favors.

Always love.

* Parts one, two, and three of my Seattle undertaking in case you missed it.

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Kimberly Geneviève said...

so cute. I love looking at wedding pictures. Sometimes I look at wedding websites for hours, I just love how happy everyone looks.