February 18, 2011

.7 Year Valentine.

Well, this was our 8th Valentine's together to be exact but today is our SEVEN YEAR anniversary (yes, since we started dating because I think that's still a milestone that should be recognized).  Our Monday evening was low-key but nothing short of flawless.  G surprised me with flowers when I awoke even though I specifically stated it was unnecessary this year due to saving money for other upcoming events (of course I still loved it).  After a long day of work G started a delectible fish course for us as I prepared our activity for the night. 

Although I'm not an artist, I do enjoy creating art in various ways, so I thought it'd be nice for us to make a little eye candy for our baby girl's room.  We want to create a vintage-inspired, world traveler feeling in her room so I thought, what better than to paint some of our favorite cities as a Valentine's Day gift for her?  G was sweet as could be and tried his hardest at his first painting ever, and New York City doesn't look half bad!  London was a little more challenging than I anticipated, but now she will always have a little something that her parents made; just two crazy kids in love sharing some of their past favorite adventures with her.  (Special thanks goes to our friend Emily for loaning us her supplies!)

The perfect ending to the evening?  Romantic musical stylings as we enjoyed our own fruit and chocolate fondue dessert.

We'll be celebrating our anniversary today traveling on another adventure, but our Valentine occassion was definitely one for the books.


Anna said...

awww this made me tear up! Yall are so sweet!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Awww! Such a sweet way to spend Valentine's Day!

.Jessica. said...

Thanks girls! It was so nice to do something simple but long lasting together. =)