February 13, 2011

.Dominations Du Jour.

Life gets us down sometimes.  Alot of the times.  In order to combat that negativity, I decided to start focusing more on what I dominate than what dominates me.  Some will be recurring, some will be once and forgotten.  Regardless, I find it gives me a greater sense of control and perspective on my daily battles.

Lately I've (or to be fair on some, we've) dominated:

1. Auburn parking (although you easily raise my blood pressure each week)

2. Treatment planning for all my clients

3. Registering for baby

4. Five months of pregnancy

5. Valentine's Day plans

6. Preparing for the two weddings I'm going to be a part of this month

7. Staying up-to-date on my thank you cards

8. Getting my incorrect final grade from last semester corrected and my GPA adjusted back to its proper place

9. Correcting my school bill to reflect its deserved amount (Auburn consistently tests me)

10. Setting dates for all upcoming baby festivities and classes

11. My Stats II quiz (with this subject, completion is domination enough for me regardless of grade obtained)

Update: 12. As of today, booking our maternity and newborn photo sessions!  This is a big one that took a lot of research time and is one of the most exciting.

Whew. Here's to another week of empowering dominations.

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