February 7, 2011


Taking a quick break from life's responsibilities to check in.  Alas, I'll have zero time the next few days to reflect on the gratifying weekend I had without facing some negative consequences.  Mix that with the miserable weather we've been having and I'm currently a grumpy soul.  Luckily I have a little reminder who gives me hourly kicks as if to yell, "Stay calm and relaxed... it's going to be just fine."  This little girl might just teach me to cope with my catastrophizing ways.

Until my pace slows down, here's what I wish I could be doing in this weather.  Which is saying alot because people who know me know that I tend to melt in the rain.  However, Haleigh of Making Magique just makes it look so pleasant and necessary.  Having a glamorous afternoon on a dreary day just may need to be added to my list.

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