February 4, 2011

.Especially Special.

We celebrated one of my best friends Ashley's 25th birthday on Sunday.  Her birthday is especially important because it was the day G and I officially met and the rest is history.  We've been friends since we were 15 (or 14?) so this would be like the 10th (I'm really bad at math+remembering exact details) birthday I've spent with her and growing up as an Army brat, it's appreciated to have history with friends.

I think she's one of the most excited that we're having a girl, although she was not at all surprised.  She used the real Chinese calendar to predict the gender while my silly amateur one from The Bump turned out to be totally off.  G still hasn't recuperated from the shock, but he'll have to switch gears soon as we're registering this weekend in preparation for our first shower.

I love the weekends.

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