February 23, 2011

.Baby Shower.

Although a hectic weekend, while in town for the festivities my dad and his wife were kind enough to throw G and I a baby shower as well.  We were so grateful as we have been quite the procrastinators when it comes to baby Tyler and it served as a check with reality that her arrival truly isn't too far away.  Our elegant and charming cake came from Sweet Ladies Bakery and I highly recommend it for anyone in the surrounding Virginia area.  The afternoon was spent in stiches as we played a common baby shower game that was taken to a whole new level of intensity due to my hilarious family; even my grandmother tried to get sneaky for the win!  DG isn't even here yet and she's already surrounded by so much adoration and affection.

I couldn't be more grateful for mi familia and it was quite the thought to consider that the next time I see most of them, I'll be a mommy. 


Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh my gosh. i hope i look this good when i'm pregnant someday!

Nicole Marie said...

such a pretty shower!!