February 20, 2012

.Work & Play.

I had a conference to attend in Hilton Head, so I packed up my little family and we made the road trip with my friend Virginia along for the ride.  We had the best time staying with my school mates and their families (thanks again Morgan!) just a short walk from the beach, where we spent our time in between meetings introducing the babies to the ocean, riding bikes for hours around the island, relishing in the local shops and meals, having game night at the beach house, late night talks on the porch, and watching Dylan and Gray develop a little baby friendship (or future courtship if the mamas have it their way).

The people on the island couldn't have been friendlier, or our time more at ease.  Although Dylan had her first little cold all throughout, which eventually spread to the adults, it was exactly the kind of trip you needed to happen and would very much like to do again soon.


Anna said...

So adorable! I looooove Hilton Head. It is SO relaxing and beautiful!

sarah - dodeline design said...

Oh what a wonderful weekend! Hilton Head is a great spot :-)