February 3, 2012


The weekends G is off, our to-do list tends to get out of control. We have a lot of work and a lot of exciting things coming up. In between all of the bustle, I’m happy to have a date with my favorite man to look forward to tomorrow night.

I’ve been thinking a lot about opportunity lately… how it’s an addicting acquaintance. You never want to turn it down in case it never offers again, but sometimes you’re just so tired, and so burned out, and have not the slightest idea how you’ll fit anything else in your schedule. Yet, tried and true… opportunity tends to come calling then. And I always seem to say, “What’s the harm?” or “just this once.” Then I always tend to feel like this after. Pleased, but wondering if it was worth the price. Nothing is free these days, especially not my time. It’s much too priceless with these two around. I just have to remember that.

Happy weekend.

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