February 1, 2012

.Baby Mornings.

Mornings are a funny thing.  They come upon so quick; we're never ready for them.  The wake up is always leisure or panic.  Ease or whirlwind.  Yet, every morning is full of replenished opportunity.  It is a natural and gentle time before the chaos of the day's responsibilities.  Baby wakes and starts babbling away; I feel like she gets this from me.  Once I'm up for the day, I'm ready to engage.  I don't think my college roommates found it so endearing.  It's challenging to get ready for work, pack up school materials, baby supplies, work necessities, contain the pups, all while entertaining sweet girl.  I'm usually feeling quite accomplished and exhausted by the time I walk into my office at 9 am. 

But mornings are still my favorite.  The dew on the grass, the sleepy smiles, the pajama comfort, the sunrise cuddles as you squeeze in just fifteen minutes more in your warm bed, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, the running after a curious baby, the early songs and dances, the colors in the sky from the rise of the sun, the enthusiasm of optimistically planning the day's itinerary, catching up on news stories, listening to my favorite morning radio show, a warm, hearty breakfast waiting for me as I drop Dylan off at her grandparents' for the day (a major perk!), and wet kisses goodbye with baby as we go our own way. 

Sleeping in feels great and all, but baby mornings are my favorite.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

Wow, breakfast waiting at the grandparents' is a pretty great perk! Cherish those little moments :-)