February 22, 2012

.When You're Grown.

Dear Dylan,

When you're grown, I want you to be able to look people in the eye.  I want you to be full of wanderlust.  I want you to be courageous enough to explore.  To lose yourself in a good book.  To trust the Lord with all your heart, and be faithful in his Way.  Find music that speaks to your heart.  Love and appreciate all, but depend on no one.  Be curious, but smart.  Learn from everything around you.  Be consistent.  Help more than you hurt.  Take pictures all the time; you'll never regret it.  Find more value in experiences, not things; things waste away.  Have great regard for your rights and the rights of others, but don't waste time on emotional vampires.  Enjoy both your cultures wholeheartedly.  Know your life is full of possibilities.  Use your words wisely, because even if forgiven, they can't be taken back.  Listen to your grandparents' stories; they'll stay with you forever.  Your favorite color doesn't have to be pink.  The mean girls may make you cry, but they aren't worth any of your effort.  You don't have to do all the talking, there's power in silence and listening.  Being organized will save you stress.  Sleep on big decisions... it never hurts to take your time, but impulsive decisions can be disaster.  Don't stress in high school, it's the shortest four years of your life.  Get fresh air; it will do more for you than you can imagine.  Have empathy; life is especially hard for some.  Try your hardest not to gossip; it can be so unbecoming.  Enjoy good food and conversation by candlelight.  Remember nothing is promised, so appreciate it while it lasts.  Also, find a man like your father; someone strong, yet sensitive.  A challenge is always good, but the reward has to be worth your time.  And write, write alot because reading those words will make you smile and cry long after the experience has faded in your memory.  Remember to have some fun; life can be so serious all the time.  And always remember that no matter how mad and frustrated you get at your dad and I, we're always doing what we think is best for you.  But also know that we're only human... and that sometimes we might let you down.  Lots of people will and that will hurt.  But that's where you learn forgiveness.  Cry and pout, but not picking yourself up off the floor after a hard fall is never an option.  When you're grown Dylan, I want you to live well... with confidence in your steps and warm, quality people in your corner.  So I'll know you'll be okay.

I love you always,
your mama


Eunice said...

Beautiful Jessica . . . made me tear up because all of it is vital in life. Love you mama!

sarah - dodeline design said...

You are an amazing mother, Jessica.