March 8, 2012

.Mighty Busy.

We have been mighty busy in these parts.  Hopefully things will be settling down soon with the final submission of my portfolio for school, but probably not.  I've got three books I've started and have yet to be able to finish, so I'm glad to take this week-long break from classes to catch up on non-academic/ non-work life.

Dylan is becoming more and more curious, and figures things out crazy fast.  Too fast for mama and papa.  We turn away now, and flash! In a second she's onto the next room.  Teething has not been our friend, and led to a whole slew of other uncomfortable symptoms, but we're getting back to normal.  I've also been fighting sickness off and on for weeks, so a weekend full of out-of-town guests is exactly the type of thing this family's been needing.

And tomorrow!  Tomorrow I'm guiltlessly taking the day off work to have a shopping day in the city with my two favorite girls- my mama and my baby.  And you know why?  Because we absolutely deserve it.


Anna said...

she has the CUTEST smile ever!!

and goof for you, taking the day off! i need to do that!

sarah - dodeline design said...

Oh my! I can hardly believe how big she is already!