February 10, 2012

It's Sort of What Gets Me Through the Crazy Work Week.

This week has been touch and go, a rollercoaster between discouragement and pride.  It's always easier to cope when you know a trip and holiday is on the horizon though.  My portfolio deadline is approaching much faster than I'm typing, but I've got a bit of a scheme planned for Valentine's day that I'm excited about, so I'll be spending most of my free time this weekend sneaking about.  I must say it's a miracle... somehow the list always manages to get done.  But this all starts after tonight, with our very wild tradition of Friday pizza and DVR.  It's sort of what gets me through the crazy work week.


sarah - dodeline design said...

So funny, we have a similar tradition :-) Saving up those good Thursday night shows for Friday!

Nicole Marie said...

she is so freaking adorable