August 5, 2013

.It's official!

When I am feeling snarky, I can now ask people to call me "Dr. Tyler."
Or when making reservations obviously.
Just don't get all 'medical emergency' on me.
Because then I'm pretty much useless and you will want to seek an actual doctor.
But major things related to counseling, human behavior, and studying for the majority of your young adult life, and I'm your girl.

But really, congratulations to us.
I couldn't have done it without you girls.
I'll be honest, 
G, you were sort of a distraction through this whole process.
But thanks to you too,
for feigning interest in topics you clearly could care less about.
And for letting me try my counseling techniques on you.  :)

Now what to do with all of our spare time?

P.S. A few [now] funny reads through the doctoral process: One of us, Ad Fin, unplugging, and our first semester.


Anna said...

CONGRATS! So incredibly happy for you! I know how hard you worked for this! Cheers to more free time now :)

dodeline said...

Congratulations DOCTOR TYLER! I know that has to feel pretty amazing :-)