August 15, 2013

.We went to the zoo and...

... had a blast!  

With our summer break ending, we decided to take a day trip to the zoo and get a real look at these animals we are always reading about with Dylan (especially in this book).  None of us had ever been to a zoo, so I think G and I had just as great a time!  Although it was sweltering outside, there was a lot of shade and mist fans to keep us four happy between seeing some pretty cool animals and the picnic lunch we shared.


their tongues!!

Feeding the giraffes was definitely a high point, especially for G; he was practically giddy.  Dylan's favorite part was the swings at the playground... there's toddler logic for you.  It was a really good day and we were impressed by what we saw.  The only thing Dylan didn't get to see from her book was a camel, so I call the trip a success :)

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dodeline said...

How fun for you guys to experience that for the first time together!