August 8, 2013


I never grew up with a sister.  And while I have a precious one now, I'll never know the bond sisters can have in growing up together.  So what do I hope for you as sisters?

I hope that you never feel alone; although you will always have your dad and I, sometimes it just won't seem like we understand, and I hope you look to each other for comfort.

I hope that you embrace your differences, but always know that there is common ground because you're in it together.

I want secrets shared, and trust built.

I hope that your fights are few, and the laughter between you great.

I hope you make each other brave, and become adventurers together.

I hope you protect each other the way your parents would, and realize that loyalty is what gets you through some of the hardest of times.

I hope that there is always respect for each other, and accountability in being kind, smart, genuine people.

I know you may not always get along, but I never want you to take each other for granted.

I want you to be each others' biggest encouragers, and the shoulder to cry on when things get tough.

I want you both to be fiercely independent, but also take care of one another.

I hope you never give up on each other, and make each other proud.

But mostly, I hope you carry the stories and lessons learned of our adventures together with you when you're on your own, and protect what it means to be a part of this family, and feel proud and confident in the steps you take through life.

Life is hard work, but you girls have some good people in your corner, especially each other.

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dodeline said...

I didn't have a sister either. Lucky girls! :-)