July 2, 2012

.The Best Wedding There Ever Was.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

This weekend, we took a road trip to Richmond, Virginia for my best friend's wedding.  The weather was ridiculous though, full of 100 degree heat and an unexpected crazy storm the night before the wedding that knocked out the power all over the area... including the wedding venue.

With any other couple, this could have spelled a complete disaster.  With Lauren and Aaron though, everyone involved with this event was determined to make the best of the situation.  It was unbearably hot, so we made our way in, out, and along the reception area by candlelight.  Then it started raining, hard, and we all had to huddle inside.  

But the beautiful thing?

Everyone just wanted to have a good time, and guarantee that Lauren and Aaron would have an unforgettable and romantic night.  And that it became.  We danced in the rain.  Everyone jumped in the pool (including the parents!).  It was amazing and refreshing.  In that time, everyone forgot about the stress of the past days and just had fun together.  

Dozens of people flew across the country and traveled far and wide to witness this union; several spoke about the goodness in this couple (I made a toast at the rehearsal dinner without even getting emotional!) and how they deserved nothing but the best that life and love had to offer.  

This all reinforced that with the right attitudes and with the right priorities, nothing can be a complete disaster.  I'll never forget this lesson or the incredible time spent with friends.  

Definitely a wedding to remember.

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sarah - dodeline design said...

Oh what a wonderful story! I am so happy everyone was able to make the best of a frustrating situation.

Anna said...

What a sweet sweet story. The weather has been just crazy lately here in the northeast! What a refreshing thing to hear people making the best of it. Love it! (And everyone jumping in the pool... SO awesome!)