July 24, 2012

.Exciting (and kind of scary) News!

We have exciting news in the Tyler household.

G is following one of his life dreams and partnering with his boss to open a new business!  Garrett has been working hard and brainstorming for this downtown frozen yogurt shoppe for some time, so I'm incredibly proud to see all his planning come into fruition.  This weekend, we three went by the building and excitedly discussed layouts and logistics.

1100 Broadway, soon-to-be home of Freeze Frame Yogurt Shoppe.
Cheers to this new (and kind of scary) adventure!


sarah - dodeline design said...

Congratulations you guys, I am so excited for you! What a fun adventure!

Anna said...

How exciting! Frozen yogurt! One of my favorite things ever! Good for you guys, following your dreams! Can't wait to hear more about it! :)

(PS - That little girl of yours is looking so TALL (and adorable as usual)!!)

.Jessica. said...

Thank you Sarah and Anna! What a crazy new thing to take on, but I know that Garrett will pour everything he has into this, so I'm excited to see where the opportunity goes!