April 17, 2012

.This Weekend.

This weekend we saw off old friends onto a new chapter in their lives, and baby refused to wear any shoes, and we went to the outdoor market early in the morning to devour some treats and buy some handmade goodies, and we played and shopped about, and cooked meatloaf while watching live shows, and laughed as Dylan tried her hardest to clap along in church but was always 5 beats too late, but still such a pro at it, and I did minimal work, and read alot, finally finishing this book and hysterically laughing during this one.  I'm thinking a guilt-free romantic novel is in order next with the warm weather and slower pace.  It just feels right.

P.S. Around this time last year.


sarah - dodeline design said...

Aw it looks like it was a great weekend!

Anna said...

Love the pics! She is getting so big!