April 2, 2012

.Golden Gate.

Golden Gate is one of those places that one just has to see before they die. It’s a cultural icon. I could recognize that bridge before I even knew my own full address thanks to Full House. We were able to go there twice during our trip; once on a sunny, windy day and we walked halfway across (it is very long after all), and the day after when it was wet and dreary.

Both experiences took my breath away, and I found the sight such a calming place aside from the chaos all around it. The area is full of speeding cars, cyclists, runners, boats, ferries, dolphins, people… yet if you get a moment on that bridge, a place to just stand for a second without being run over or pushed aside in the crowd… you can really take in the beauty of the bay. You get what all the fuss is about. From the bridge, the city seems so small and minor. It is this monstrosity that connects two worlds from the rapid metropolis, to the quiet and organic living of the Muir Woods (more on that later!).

There aren’t many places I’ve found that are so overwhelming and awe-inspiring that it almost requires that you stop and take some time to reflect. G and I decided that it is definitely our favorite bridge.

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